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YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU: Common-Sense Estate Planning for Canadians (6th edition) by Sandra Foster

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Front cover of You Can't Take It With You by Sandra E. Foster

ISBN 978-00689477-2-2
List Price CAN $31.95
Paperback 2016
344 pages Headspring Consulting

You Can’t Take It With You: Common-Sense Estate Planning for Canadians (6th edition) takes you step-by-step through the estate planning process. It reflects current trends and continues to be a trusted resource for common-sense estate planning for Canadians and their families, and it is packed with personal, financial, and legal considerations.

Written in plain language, the 344 pages are packed with tips, examples, questions-and-answers and checklists, so Canadians have a resource on wills, trusts, gifting, probate, powers of attorney, family law, taxation, insurance, business succession planning, digital assets, advance planning, as well as dying without a will.

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About Author
Table of Contents

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Buying and Selling a Book of Business: What every financial advisor and planner should know (2nd edition) by Sandra Foster
Cover of the book Buying and Selling a Book of Business by Sandra E. Foster
Front cover of the 2nd edition of Buying and Selling a Book of Business: What every financial advisor and planner should know by Sandra E. Foster

ISBN 978-0-9689477-1-5
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From The Back Cover


“It’s financial negligence to overlook estate planning matters like wills and powers of attorney. This book will get you organized.”
—Rob Carrick, personal finance columnist, The Globe and Mail

“…astonishingly good. It’s a fine reference book and an essential guide to those who have or will have wills to sign, estates to administer, or assets to pass on to future generations.”
—Andrew Allentuck, columnist, The Financial Post

You Can’t Take It With You: Common-Sense Estate Planning For Canadians continues to be the trusted source on the personal, financial, and legal issues involved in estate planning. The modern estate plan is so much more than just a will. Once you designate a beneficiary on an insurance policy, TFSA, or RRSP, you have already started a plan. Estate Planning is not something reserved for people of a certain age or the top 1%. If you do not plan, your province or territory will make important decisions for you and your family.

The revised and updated 6th edition of this national bestseller:

  • Prepares you for reviewing your will and appointing a representative to manage your finances in case you are ever unable to make your own decisions
  • Covers wills, powers of attorney for finances, personal care, advance care directives, probate, living trusts and alter ego trusts, minimizing income tax on death, life insurance, business succession planning, farms, organ and tissue donations, mental incapacity, funerals and more
  • Focuses on your goals and privacy, as well as ways to minimize your income tax
  • Contains strategies to maximize the value of your charitable donations
  • Deals with your digital assets, digital will, and helps you get organized
  • Prepares you for discussions with your advisers and family members—and may save you hundreds of dollars in taxes and fees
  • Features practical examples, checklists, tips, myths and frequently asked questions
  • Includes testamentary trust changes, graduated rate estate and qualified disability trust

About Author

Sandra Foster, CFP, CIM, FCSI, TEP, is one of Canada’s leading experts on personal finance and a national best-selling author. She is the founder of Headspring Consulting Inc. and a speaker, consultant, researcher, developer of accredited continuing education programs for advisors, a judge for the PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Awards, a frequent contributor to many publications and media, and the author of a number of Canadian national bestselling books. She does not sell any investments or insurance products. Sandra also brings real-life experience, having been told to ensure her affairs were in order and that her family knew her wishes regarding organ donation. Modern science, determination, and luck only reinforced her passion for estate planning.


Table of Contents

The Estate Planning Checklist
Chapter 1: What is Estate Planning?
Chapter 2: No Will? No Way!
Chapter 3: Your Will
Chapter 4: Probate
Chapter 5: Power of Attorney for Financial Matters
Chapter 6: Power of Attorney for Personal and Health Matters
Chapter 7: Your Digital Life
Chapter 8. Death and Taxes
Chapter 9: Post-Mortem Tax Planning
Chapter 10: Family Law Issues
Chapter 11: Insurance
Chapter 12: Trusts
Chapter 13: Business Succession Planning
Chapter 14: Gift Planning
Chapter 15: The Final Gift
Chapter 16: Final Decisions
Chapter 17: You Can’t Take it With You
Chapter 18: It’s an Ongoing Process
I: List of Duties for an Executor or Estate Trustee under a Will
II: List of Duties for Your Attorney for Financial Matters
III: List of Duties for Your Attorney for Personal and Health Care