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I have been following money and human behaviour for more than two decades–and my own money since my father helped me open my first bank account when I was six years old.

In my first year of university, an economics professor used the phrase “follow the money.” I have had many roles: programmer, human resources professional, licensed financial advisor selling investments and insurance, financial planner, as a consultant to firms and to advisors, developing accredited continuing education programs for advisors, an expert witness, developing chair of a working group for the Ontario Securities Commission, speaker, author of several successful books on personal finances, and specialist on retirement matters.

Follow the Money

I would like to welcome you to my growing collection of columns.

I love words and believe they are very powerful. As the author of a number of books about money, taxes and estate planning, and the Financial Intelligence™ series, I am also fascinated with understanding what drives people to be successful in their lives and with their money.

Even though we have access to more data and information than we have ever had, author Henry David Thoreau’s comment (when referring to Confucius) still rings true, “To know that we know what we know, and that we do not know what we do not know, that is true knowledge.”

The goal of everything I have written to date about retirement, personal finance, estate planning, investing, life, and the financial services industry in Canada has been to offer context to help my readers be more successful, comfortable and intelligent with their money. This continues to be my goal.

In Who’s Minding Your Money: Financial Intelligence for Canadians, I wrote, “You are the one who has to live with the consequences of your decisions.” When it comes to “who’s minding your money,” you need to play a big part. “After all, no one cares as much about your money as you do!”

…no one cares as much about your money as you do!”

We will discuss financial issues that may affect you, or someone close to you. When you consider my ideas, you might be reassured that you are on the right path, or you might file the ideas away until you are ready. If you decide to make any changes, build your financial strategies around your life, not the other way around, starting with a few ideas that seem right for you. I do not sell any investment or insurance products.

I welcome your emails. However, I am not able to provide individualized personal advice in my columns or emails.

Sandra Foster, CFP, CIM, FCSI, TEP
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